More proof the NDP will take Toronto

The Ontario Election is getting tighter.  A new poll shows Hudak's party at 36%, McGuinty's group at 33% and the Horwath NDP at surprising 29%.  These numbers indicate the election is up for grabs.  At 29% provincially I suggest the NDP have strong numbers in Canada's biggest city.  In fact the NDP are poised to take Toronto.

The Toronto Star backs my suggestion of a few days ago that the NDP can take Toronto.  Here is the Star's report of a new poll this weekend placing the NDP at 35% in the city followed by the Libs at 34%.  We all know about margins of error, it could be a point or two either way. That said, the poll, no matter how you read it, show the NDP is a much greater threat to the Libs and McGuinty than the Liberal war room ever thought they would be.

Liberals  losing Toronto and most of the North to the NDP will ensure a minority government in this province.  The best thing for progressives and people that want to vote NDP, but are sacred of splitting the vote, thus electing a Hudak conservative, is that in north and in Toronto there is no chance of that!

New Ontario NDP ad.  It's pretty clear!  You have a choice....

The NDP are also poised to take Ottawa Centre.


kirbycairo said...

Thanks for this Rick

Skinny Dipper said...

All the best to Bruce Budd and the NDP in Scarborough-Southwest.