Toronto Sun takes Clement out at the knees!

It looks like Tony Clement's days are numbered. Stephen Harper will have to do something dramatic to change the channel.  The Gazebo scandal will not go away. Even the Harper cons can't just take 50 million dollars and spend it in your own riding.

John Baird who has been getting a serious physical work out jumping up to answer questions directed to Minister Clement got testy today, calling the NDP opposition cowards and challenging them to take the accusations outside the house.

Too bad for Baird, the NDP won't be intimidated by his bullier than usual approach. Too late anyway as
The Toronto Sun says, "In short, Clement has repeatedly violated practically all standards of accountability and ethics."

You know a Harper Minister is finished when the Toronto Sun takes him out at the knees!

Update: See Hill Times

Tories accused of using majority muscle to keep G8 spending, other touchy issues, behind closed doors in House committees

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