Ontario Liberal Smear Campaign will fail

I would really like to spend this election talking about the issues.  Trouble is the Ontario Liberals and the Hudak Conservatives just want to run negative ads that attack others but do nothing to talk about issues.

The Ontario Liberals fearing the growing NDP support in this election have created several smear websites and have a gang of smear artists on facebook and twitter.  These twitter folks the Libs have, try to look like everyday people. Their twitter info very rarely identifies them as campaign operatives and current Government of Ontario employees.

here is a sampling of misleading or out right lies on a website developed by the Ontario Liberals for the campaign...
Against Minimum Wage Increase
Horwath voted against increasing the minimum wage from $8 an hour to $10.25 an hour (April 10, 2007)
Against Making Public Healthcare the Law
Horwath voted against the Commitment to the Future of Medicare Act that enshrines public medicare into law (June 7, 2004)
Against Protecting the Boreal Forest
Horwath voted against the Far North Act to protect green space (September 23, 2010)
Against Newborn Screening
Horwath voted against adding over 26 new screening tests for newborns and creating a new screening laboratory at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario (May 17, 2005)
Opposed Keeping Students in School until Age 18
Horwath voted against the Education Amendment Act (Learning to Age 18) that keeps youth in school halls instead of roaming the malls (December 12, 2006)
Against Reversing PC’s Education Cuts
Horwath voted against reversing the PC’s cuts to education - including billions for smaller class sizes, more schools, and more teachers (Budgets 2004-2011)
Look at the list of headings here. Andrea Horwath must have sold her soul to Tim Hudak. She voted against all these vital programs.  Just how stupid do McGuinty's Liberals think people are.  I suppose it might help them with a few voters but don't you think most voters would see through this kind of crap?

Look at the issues above and ask yourself, "Do I think of McGuinty supporting all of these things or do I think of Horwath and the NDP?

The site provides no links or context.  If Horwath voted against a budget, then she must be opposed to every action listed above.

Lets take the minimum wage issue.  It was the NDP that embarrassed the Ontario Liberal government to act.  Remember the private members bills and the petitions?  That was the NDP working with Ontarians to force the Liberal government to increase the minimum wage.

The Ontario McGuinty Liberals entered this campaign without a winning issue.  They had nothing to take to the voters.  When you have a lacklustre record, what do you do?  You create bogey men. You attempt to make the election about trumped up, fictious, fabricated or half truth failings of the other guy.  In this case, the NDP.

Its not working by the looks of it.  The McGuinty Liberals Smear team is working overtime to protect their cushy government jobs, while avoiding any discussion of real issues.  In the interim the NDP and Andrea Horwath keep ascending in the polls.

You might remember that during the last election the Federal Liberals and Michael Ignatieff ran a smear campaign against Jack Layton and the NDP like the one mentioned above, that went well right Smear team?


Skinny Dipper said...

I do think it Andrea Horwath does need to address these allegations in the debate or sooner if possible. If not, the Liberals will keep pouring on the "Horwath is like Hudak" crap.

Rick Barnes said...

The debate will show the Liberal claim is out to lunch. The Liberals tried this federally. It didn't work there and it won't work here.

I actually don't mind their persistent attacks on the NDP. It shows others that they are in fact losing support to Horwath New Democrats.

People will see a real alternative in the debate.

Skinny Dipper said...

I do have to agree with you that the Ontario NDP is a threat to the Liberal Party. Otherwise, the Liberals would not be attacking the NDP.

I can't wait for the Liberal attack on the Green Party: "The Greens didn't like the Liberal budget which would have given money to wind turbines. Therefore, the Greens hate wind turbines; the Greens hate the environment!"

Anonymous said...

Horwath did vote against the Far North Act which protected Boreal Forest. She also voted against the Endangered Species Act. The fact that she voted against items which were in budgets is a technical truth but still misleading.

I think you are being somewhat disingenuous though by trying to claim that the liberals only increased minimum wage because of campaigns helped by the NDP.

Horwath has received some criticism for her lack of clear environmental policy and lowering taxes on gasoline from environmental groups. More often these groups have been allied with the NDP than the liberals.