Liberals lose Toronto because...

Toronto Politics can get pretty messy. That is the case today with Rob Ford and his right wing gang attempting to remake the city. Remake maybe too generous, he is destroying much of what has taken decades to achieve, one of the world's most livable cities! Ford has quite a few fellow conservatives there to help him. He does need outside help though. Where is he getting that outside help you might ask. He is getting it from Liberals. He is destroying our city with the help of Liberals.

First we have Michelle Berardinetti elected City Councillor for Ward 35, Scarborough Southwest on October 25, 2010, she is married to Ontario Liberal MPP, Lorenzo Berardinetti.

Norm Kelly is a former Liberal MP in the Trudeau government, which makes his contributions to Rob Ford's executive committee something near treasonous.

Finally we have Peter Milczyn.  Former Liberal riding president endorses right wing Liberals. He's very much fiscal conservative, maybe to the right of Ford on that!

If the George Smitherman and back room boys of the Ontario Liberals want to know why they are losing Toronto, its partly due to having card carrying current and former Liberals and Liberal hacks supporting folks like those I have listed above.

Maybe, just maybe  Dalton McGuinty and Bob Rae could pull out their blackberry and speed dial these folks and help save our city.  Hell, I bet the Ontario Liberal Party might even save a few seats if they did it.


kirbycairo said...

It seems that only the very naive or congenitally stupid who don't understand that the Liberals in this country are so little different from the conservatives on so many important issues that they might as well be in the same party. This is why they lost their position so dramatically in the federal election.

The weird thing is that they still don't get it and they think they can rebuild their party while simultaneously being another version of the Conservative party.

Rick Barnes said...

If the Liberals are serious they will haul in these right wing folks. They are not center of the road people. They would be just as happy with a Harper govt as a liberal one.

Can you see Carolyn Bennett supporting Rob Ford? No you can't, we need these people to speak up.

As to Liberals losing Toronto, Im fine with that. The NDP will be more solid supporters of everyday folks.

Poyan said...

kirbycairo is right on the money.

The Liberals and the Conservatives are the same and they know it.

Yesterday, in an interview with the Huffington Post, Conservative Minister Peter Van Load said "having the NDP in opposition has helped because … instead of dealing with trumped up and phony issues that the Liberals were constantly choosing, now, we are actually going to be debating policy differences. I think that results in a much more reasoned debate".

Even they know they have no policy differences between Liberals and Conservatives.