Both suits now focusing on Andrea Horwath

Things are happening fast.  Now not only are McGuinity's Liberals attacking Andrea Horwath and the NDP, but Hudak is as well.  Internal party polling is obviously showing a serge in support for the NDP after the debate.  Over 1.5 million people watched the debate.  That is double the number in 2007.  That is an incredible number.  Check Angus Reid's poll right after the debate.

The public are tuned in now.  Andrea Horwath surprised many and the results are clear to both the Conservative and Liberal war rooms.  And that is good news for people looking for change.  The Conservative focus could have a lot to do with Horwath gaining fast on the Tories for second place meaning the Conservatives could end up as the third party in Queen's Park.  That won't sit well with many Conservatives.

The Liberals are trying to get the same centre-left folks that are now beginning to break to the NDP.  With that in play, the game changes significantly.  The Liberals grasp on a majority has been slipping for days now.  The debate may have been the decision for many people.  The next polls should capture some of this movement.

It ain't over till its over folks.  Hold on for a wild ride.

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