Ontario Liberal tactics working so far

Here's my take on the Ontario election so far.  The Liberals started from behind and needed a couple boogeymen! Alas they got a woman and a man.  The Liberals have been attempting to, and with some success, to scare the middle that the Ontario NDP would form a coalition with the Hudak conservatives.

Its absurd to think that could happen, but that doesn't matter in politics.  The Liberals have scare just enough people, get just enough of a seed of doubt out there that it could succeed as a strategy.  To date it appears to have worked for them.

The NDP has not been able to match the Liberal advertising to date and are really having to play catch up, making the debate vital.  Horwath has been doing very well.  She will end up up with significantly more votes in this election than the NDP has had in almost 20 years. Those votes however do not at this time add up to a great deal of more seats.  To do that the NDP will need to add another 3 to 5% to the 23% of the vote they have today.  It can happen but they have to counter the negative Liberal advertising.

The election is likely to end up as a minority unless one of the three leaders makes a huge gaffe. The McGuinty campaign allows only one chance in the day for media to question him, they keep it to five questions. No chance beyond that.  McGuinty has yet to meet a voter in Ontario this election that wasn't pre-screened by his team. Hudak is allowing more media, yet he too is limiting his access to real Ontarians.  Horwath is the only leader who is actually main-streets, meets all comers.

My message to those wanting to vote NDP, but undecided because you are worried about a Hudak win, is relax. It won't happen.  That means you can vote your heart, vote NDP, especially in Toronto and the North, Hamilton and area as well.  It is important to have more NDP members elected to ensure we can pressure the minority government after the election.


Scott Tribe said...

When Sunmedia is posting this:


.. it doesnt exactly help your cause.

Rick Barnes said...

And when did a good loyal Liberal like yourself start choosing headlines out of the SUN newspaper to support your cause.

Horwath can't rule out anything as it will then hang her candidates out to dry! In the story she adds, " or any post-election scenario in which she’s kingmaker."

Scott Tribe said...

When a Conservative leaning newspaper starts blaring that out there, it's worth noting.

Note: I'm not sure I did it to support my cause, I'm just saying it doesn't help your cause when it starts posting stuff like that.. though I have no doubts that Hudak's rabid righties on there are furious they may have to resort to pleading with socialists/social democrats to gain power.