When Chain gangs are in your head

The Hudak Conservatives have campaigned on the idea of putting prisoners to work, cleaning litter from roadways and graffiti from buildings.  Many have jumped at the idea these are like chain gangs often seen in new reels from the southern US or in old movies.

The most hardened criminals having to do this work, to pay for their up keep and the pain they caused society. Now I don't accept Hudak's policy, but I also don't accept some of the attacks against it.

Many people behind bars would love the opportunity to do something that was useful and outside. That's about as close as I can get to supporting the Hudak team's policy.  Unlike the the Liberals attacks on the policy however, I don't fear the Conservatives would allow the dangerous and threatening inmates out to do this work. Even Hudak wants safe neighbourhoods.  

This is an issue that deserves a great deal of discussion.  There would or could be many opportunities for inmates to participate in the broader community as part of their rehabilitation and or reintegration.  Enforced garbage pick up is not the best way to do this.  And Liberal attempts to focus on the sensational don't contribute to an informed debate.

Hudak's policy here is not meant to assist inmates, its meant to be punitive, to remind inmates just how low they are, you must repent for life!  The Liberals on the other hand have done little of their own to address rehabilitation and reintegration.  Their response to Hudak's policy has been predictable. Can you just see the prisoner in chains.  Or worse, can you see that child molester escape.  You can't have it both ways Dalton McGuinty.

Ask Dalton what he will do to address the needs of inmates and society.

Update: This video is why there is no serious discussion can be had on Justice


Christian said...

This is the first I've heard of this policy. Off the top of my head, I don't see what is so terrible about it.

What is the NDP's position?

Rick Barnes said...

I don't have the NDP position. Horwath has said she would rather hire people to do it vs using prisoners.

It seems impossible to have the discussion as I mentioned above. The Ontario Liberal party sensationalize or mislead everyone, basically giving Hudak a free ride.

Christian said...

Well, Rick Barnes. I agree the discussion should be had, as I mentioned, at first glance, it seems like a good idea with potential benefits for all.

So why isn't Ms.Horwath leading these discussions. You have her position, she is against it.

I'd be interested in her reasoning. I'll look into the whole issue of "chain gangs" when I have more time, just so I have the information needed to reach a proper conclusion.

But really, the NDP is King when it comes to poutrage, so for you to accuse the Liberals of sensationalizing or misleading anyone...just saying

Rick Barnes said...

What good member of the Liberal smear team you make.

Christian said...

Just following your lead.

But putting that aside, care to explain why Horwath isn't leading this discussion?