Wild thought on NDP leadership

The NDP leadership will soon get very interesting.  Brian Topp has been out there now for awhile. He has two big and i mean BIG endorsements.  Thomas Mulcair is still playing the field. Looking for a constituency other than Quebec. Quebec MP Romeo Saganash has jumped in.  I had intelligence that led me to believe he was going to endorse Brian Topp. The egg on my blog is big!  Saganash will be one of the "king" or "queen" makers in the end.

It is interesting that Topp has only one MP (albeit a Quebec MP) come out to endorse his effort to be leader.

I see two or three others entering soon.  Paul Dewar is trying to drum up more speculation he is about to enter the race, and likely to get as many sitting MPs as he can to come out early in support.  Megan Leslie should be in the race soon. Robert Chisholm and Peter Julian and perhaps Libby Davies will jump in. That ought to round it out.

These other folks will have to enter soon. The effort to get sitting MPs to support you will get tougher the longer they wait.

I do see Topp and Mulcair as the ones to beat. It could however be very interesting if Mulcair entered the race, saw he did not have enough votes and before the vote, endorsed someone other than Topp, ie very bilingual and Quebec educated Peter Julien or the brilliant and new bright star Megan Leslie. Such an endorsement could also bring along many Quebec MPs support.

That's my wild thought of the day...


Anonymous said...

It would be very interesting if Mulcair endorsed Megan Leslie. I don't see the drive behind such a move. I don't see it benefiting Tom, or Quebec (rather I don't see what the added benefit is beyond any of the excellent candidates, including Topp), and if no benefit, why do it?

Anonymous said...

Unless someone can convince me how giving Quebec guarenteed 25% of the seats is not abandoning Proportional Representation, I cannot support Topp.

Robert McClelland said...

Easy enough. Proportional Representation never existed. So we can`t abandon it.

Anonymous said...

This is what I mean:


One of the major reasons I vote NDP is that they stood for a form of PR.

The reason the Liberal and Conservatives never wanted PR is because FPTP favours them. The second the NDP gets a chance to be the beneficiary of FPTP, dropping support for PR and punishing all other parties is the second I can no longer support them as they aren't the party I thought they were.

Rick Barnes said...

Wow, the NDP on the verge of power and some "typical" ndp supporters are already focusing on the potential negative vs the potential good.

The NDP still supports PR. How about sounding and looking like a happy party instead of this groaning.

Anonymous said...

Power is not the end-game for some, Rick. Some believe in a more fair Canada with a broad spectrum of choices. Without PR I feel we're doomed to have a 2 party system.

You know how there's a few things that a person can say or support that just absolutely ruins them for some? Well this is one of mine.

This is not a saying Brian Topp doesn't have anything to offer, quite the contrary, but he cannot be LEADER of the party I vote for without support for PR.

Hopefully it won't come to that and there will be a better suited NDP leader for me.

Also this is ABSOLUTELY the time to focus on the potential negative vs the potential good. We're looking for a new leader you should look at the negative as well.

Maybe try not to attack and dismiss others opinions that support the same party as you. We all want the best for the NDP.