NDP leadership support to date

Undeclared MP from BC, Peter Julian has four MPs -
Isabelle Morin, Kennedy Stewart, Brian Masse and Rathika Sitsabaiesan 
Thomas Mulcair now has  eight MPs supporting him -
Robert Aubin, Francois Lapointe, Jamie Nicholls, Marie-Claude Morin, Alexandrine Latendresse, Pierre Nantel, Claude Patry and Marc-Andre Morin
And Brian Topp has MP Francoise Boivin Alain Giguere and Yvon Godin
Romeo Saganesh  has neighbouring MP, Christine Moore

It appears that some Quebec MPs see that a leader from outside Quebec would not be a problem in maintaining support of Quebec voters.  

Updated September 23... Brian Topp adds two more MPs to his list of supporters

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