How Green are the Ontario Liberals?

Shawn-Patrick Stensil
“They (Ontario Liberal Party) talk about green energy all the time but the majority of their spending goes into nuclear, they don’t mention it once in their platform and there’s a reason for that, they know it doesn’t win votes,” Shawn-Patrick Stensil, a nuclear analyst for Greenpeace, said Thursday. - Toronto Sun

The McGuinty Liberals are planning on building four more nuclear reactors at the Darlington site.  The total cost will be well in excess of 36 billion dollars. The cost is an estimate, these reactors typically end up costing two to three times that.

If you want a reminder of the cost, look at your hydro bill every month.  The debt retirement cost is in large part the debt held by Ontario Hydro, primarily the cost of building nuclear plants.

The Liberals and Conservatives both plan to continue the expansion of Nuclear energy in Ontario.  Only the Ontario NDP and Green party committed to not building more nuclear reactors.

Edited to add Greens in line above.


Anonymous said...

I bet to differ, only the NDP and the Greens have commited to no more reactors.

Rick Barnes said...

Thank you, sorry for the oversight.