McGuinty Channels Harper Tactics

Is there anything McGuinty won't do to get re-elected in Ontario?

We have seen the Ontario Liberals launch one of the most negative campaigns this side of Steven Harper.  Their basic campaign has been to attack the other guys.  To demonize his opponents.  His campaign ads, websites that purport to be independent attacking Andrea Horwath and the NDP, leaflets that look like they come from a third party and only upon lifting a magnifying glass can you see it was authorized by the Liberal party. Classic Republican Party tactics. What's next, leaflets that direct New Democrats to vote on October 7 and Conservatives on October 8?

Then there was the assistance announced as the campaign started for new Canadians.  The benevolent Liberal leader would fund business a lot of money if they hired a new Canadian.  The idea itself is not a bad one, albeit underfunded and too narrow in scope.  The real motivation for the late addition of this to the Liberal Platform was to draw the fire of the Hudak Conservatives, thus avoiding real discussion in the campaign because as they hoped it would, Hudak attacked it.  Bigot the Liberals roared.  Divide and conquer, mission accomplished and we get through the first week talking about Hudak and not our lame program and record.

In a tactic borrowed from Stephen Harper, the Liberals make sure McGuinty never and I mean never meets an Ontarian voter who isn't already a loyal and trusted friend. Keep the media to five questions and then the Liberal Leader has another pressing meeting to attend with more friendly Liberal folks.

The bubble ensures the Liberal leader doesn't have to defend anything he says or his record. The less the election is about McGuinty and his Liberal governments record the better.  This is likely one of the reasons people are turned off voting.

Finally, we have a gas fired electrical plant approved by the McGuinty government in Mississauga. The Liberals were full steam ahead with the plant despite local opposition. The Liberal leader spoke loud and clear, there's no way he will tolerate the NIMBY attitude. That's why he didn't back down on the gas fired power plant being built in a riding held by a Conservative MPP. That's considered proof McGuinty can make the tough decisions.  So far a plant planned for Oakville has been cancelled and in need of every possible seat he can get, McGuinty decides to cancel the Mississauga plant.

I wonder just how much the cancellation will cost us taxpayers, and just where it go?  Look out Beaches East York! Mr. McGuinty won't tolerate NIMBYism, unless of course you're Liberal.

As to the social media campaign of the McGuinty Liberals in Ontario, look here and here for the smearteam.

If you want to know why real issues are not discussed and debated in Ontario, look no further than Dalton McGuinty and his Liberal re-election team.

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