Ontario Liberal Smear team

Want to know who the Liberal smear team is?  Here is the A-Team, Dalton's online pit bulls.  Most of them earn their money from taxpayers.  You and me pay most of these people in excess of $40,000 per year and in most cases double and triple that amount, add to that pensions and expenses.

Have a look at who Dalton has hired on the taxpayer dime and see them in action, (I hope they are off duty when they do this stuff) working to re-elect Dalton McGuinty.  They rely primarily on ripping apart other candidates and political parties by stretching the truth or fabricating.  These people would make Karl Rove proud...

: President, Ontario Young Liberals, U Of Ottawa  

: past McGuinty aide & "high priced Liberal lobbyist"  

 Candidate aide to Eric Davis, Liberal MPP Candidate for Kitchener-Waterloo 
Senior Policy Advisor to the Minister at Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services  
: "Social Media Coordinator in the Office of the Premier of Ontario
: Associate Press Secretary, Office of the Premier 
@laurakmiller Chief Operating Officer & Campaign Secretary at Ontario Liberal Party
: Senior Advisor, Office of Min. Deb Matthews 
: Legislative Affairs Manager, Gov't of Ontario  

There are plenty more and in the days ahead we will post them.  Remember, these people are not grass roots Liberal supporters, they have been raised on your tax dollars to do just this, get Dalton McGuinty elected at any cost...


Rick Barnes said...

Just for disclosure purposes: I use to be someone that had an impact in the NDP,you know worked for a Minister and MLA, Campaign Manager, party elected activist, now I'm a member but no positions etc. I'm not a union member nor do I work for an employer that endorses or supports the NDP.

Anonymous said...

They're fairly obvious and public, and it's possible to out them as not being grassroots, as you just have.

Professional astroturfers are much harder to deal with and are a scarier threat to democracy.