List of Potential NDP Leadership Candidates

A list of potential NDP leadership candidates could include the following...

in no particular order;

Roméo Saganash
Françoise Boivin
Thomas Mulcair
Robert Chisholm
Libby Davies
Peter Julian
Paul Dewar
Megan Leslie
Peggy Nash
Niki Ashton
Pat Martin
Brian Topp
Nathan Cullen
David Miller

Leadership convention in Toronto, March 24, 2012


ck said...

I think David Miller has already said that he will not run.

Rick Barnes said...

He has said no. I will believe no when he says NO for real!

JJ said...

I really like Nathan Cullen for this. He appeals to voters who might otherwise vote conservative, and that is ultimately where the NDP might be able to hurt the CPC.

Unfortunately, because of his stance on the gun registry, I doubt he has a chance. The NDP's urban contingent would probably deep-six his candidacy.

Rick Barnes said...

I have not decided who I would like, I do agree that Nathan Cullen would be great. And unfortunately, I also agree that he would not take the "urban" NDP vote for the reason you offered.

Too Bad. He would be a wonderfully fresh and dynamic leader.