McGuinty refuses to allow Audit

The Ontario Provincial Police have been called in to investigate allegations of financial impropriety within the Niagara Falls Tourism Agency.   This after the two government investigations found staff flaunted expense regulations and awarded un-tendered contracts. 

“I think the malaise at that organization has spanned all kinds of different governments,” Ms. Horwath said. Asked if the NDP were a part of the problem as well, she said, “Yeah, well, I imagine so.”  
The Liberals have rejected past calls by the NDP for the Auditor-General to examine the Niagara Parks Commission. “It's clear that the auditor general has the capacity to perhaps disclose things that would make the McGuinty Liberals or any past government nervous, or perhaps uncover skeletons in the closet,” Ms. Horwath said. “What I think we deserve is that independent, unbiased, disconnected look at what's happening.” - Globe and Mail, Sept 27/11
There you have it. The Ontario NDP calling for an audit and the McGuinty Liberals trying to avoid it at all costs.  It makes you wonder why the Ontario Liberals want to avoid in investigation?  

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