Horwath Hints at NDP conditions of support

The election is October 6.  It looks to be a minority government at this time. If that is the case there are a couple of things that could happen.  If either Hudak or McGuinty are only a seat or two away from a majority, they could always do what Stephen Harper or Paul Martin have done, offer a plum to a couple of the "bad guys" to join you.  McGuinty could find a Tory that can be bought or Hudak find a Liberal that loves the perks.

The only other option and the more likely one, is for the winner to sit down with Andrea Horwath.  What will she and the NDP want in order to support the government? She won't spill her hand to reporters.  Horwath does supply a hint however...
Horwath tells Toronto Star columnist Martin Cohn ...she will focus on three NDP priorities: Job creation, health care improvements, and affordability (HST reductions). If people want to know what role we’ll take — regardless of what mandate they give us on Oct. 6 — those are the things we’re going to focus on, those are the priorities we’re going to have in place, whether we are government or otherwise.”
The question that isn't being asked of either McGuinty or Hudak is this.  What will you do to get Andrea Horwath and NDP support to form a government! 

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