Liberal smear on Full Day Kindergarten - They made it up

The McGuinty Liberals have been running a large smear campaign, attacking the Ontario NDP record and misinforming voters.  Here is a classic example of that effort.  The Liberals have set up websites that look like they were created by third party groups.  To compliment these websites they have sent out brochures.  The casual reader of the brochure would not notice the very fine print indicating the brochure was authorized by the official agent for the Liberal party.

The website says the NDP voted against funding full day kindergarten. Now if you asked Ontarions which of the three parties in Ontario would most likely support full day kindergarten, my bet is the majority would say the NDP.  That's what makes the Liberal claim the NDP voted against it even odder.  It doesn't have a grain of truth to it.  It just not a credible claim.

So I went to the record, hansard. Here is a link to the vote establishing Full Day Kindergarten... Its actually called FULL DAY EARLY LEARNING, STATUTE LAW AMENDMENT ACT, 2010

Turns out the Liberals claim is wrong. The NDP voted for full day kindergarten. Imagine my surprise ;-)

The NDP voted for Kindergarten, and they voted against the Liberal Budget.  So the Liberals are implying that because the NDP voted against the budget, they voted against kindergarten.  I mean really Liberals, why stop there. Why not say the NDP voted against the Police, teachers, public schools, roads, parks, green energy, hospitals, nurses.  That funding was in the budget right?

Mr. Kinsella, you have out done yourself here.  I hope you and your smear team didn't hurt anything trying to stretch this beyond the limit of ridiculousness.


Skinny Dipper said...

From the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario Election 2011 newsletter sent to teachers:

Highlights of Party Positions on Key Issues: Full-Day Kindergarten:

NDP: The NDP supports full day learning for all children that is of high quality, seamlessly integrated into schools, and delivered by non-profit providers.

We would provide transition support to childcare centres to help them keep fees down and retain qualified staff (and stay open!).

We would keep childcare community-based programs open and stop the expansion of private "big-box" daycare companies into our schools.

Skinny Dipper said...

NDP responses to questions from ETFO: http://www.etfo.ca/AdvocacyandAction/ProvincialElection/Documents/Ontario%20NDP%20Response%20to%20ETFO%20Election%20Questionnaire.pdf