York South Weston headed back to NDP

York South Weston is suppose to be a tight race between the NDP and Liberals.  The NDP won the seat by a narrow margin in a by-election in February 2007. In a general election held later that year the Liberals took the seat back but by a slim of margin.


The NDP now hold the seat federally having taken it from the Liberals in the federal election held in May of this year.  Now we have polling information that shows the NDP doing very well.  Earlier Forum research did a poll of the province.  That poll for the riding showed the Liberals with a large lead.  The sample was very small (186) and a sampling error of 7%.

The Ontario Federation of Labour decided to to poll the riding again using Forum research,asking the same questions but with a much larger sample and reduction in the sampling error.


The poll shows the NDP with a healthy lead.  Its a different game than when this election started.  The NDP and Andrea Horwath are riding an Orange Wave...

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Anonymous said...

The wave is closer to a splash. Yes the Ontario NDP have increased their popular vote and may win a dozen or so more ridings but it doesn't look anything like they are close to outpacing either the Liberals or PCs (both of which are pretty much tied, though the riding distribution favours the Liberals) and there is only a week left before the election. The best they can probably hope for at this point is holding the balance of power to a minority government.