Mulcair can still be Deputy Leader

The media frenzy over the Federal NDP leadership is getting a little silly.  First it would be good if they actually understood the NDP.  They have experience covering the Conservatives and Liberals leaderships and somehow expect that our leadership race will be the same.

The NDP caucus will stay united.  If there is one thing that New Democrats understand, its solidarity.  Look at the hullabaloo the media tried to spin around Mulcair being able to keep his title as Deputy Leader should (when) he enter the leadership race. "It's unfair," they shouted.  They even played up comments from some NDP MPs that said they were surprised.  What they didn't do was point to the fact that the NDP caucus has accepted this decision of leader Nycole Turmel.

The NDP is big in Quebec and they want to remain so. Stripping Mulcair of the largely ceremonial role of Deputy Leader would do more harm than good.  It shows Quebecers that they do in fact have voice in Parliament, that one of their own is a significant part of the NDP leadership.  To think otherwise is to expose yourself as uniformed.

Update: An example of Media trying to make something out of nothing

Is the NDP tearing itself apart yet? How bout now?

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