NDP - most prudent Fiscal Plan

Which party has to most fiscally conservative plan for Ontario.  The Ontario NDP.  Here is what Steve Paikin of TVO said...

Steve Paikin: “Adam [Radwanski] and I actually were both at the NDP launch of their fiscal platform this past weekend, and they do have the most modest financial promises – costed out, independently verified – of all of the four major parties.”

The NDP have also built in the largest contingency (in case everything tanks) fund.

Steve Paikin: “Well, they’ve [New Democrats] got a $1.7 billion annual contingency to take care of the rainy day that may or may not be coming. You guys got that much built in?”
Donald Blair (Progressive Conservative Representative): “We’ve built in a billion dollars.”
Steve Paikin: “A billion? So, not as much.”

Check it out for yourself at the NDP website

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