Let The Conservatives hear you; Rally for same-sex marriage in Victoria

What: Rally for Equal Marriage

Where: The Courtyard of the Victoria Conference Centre

When: Tuesday January 25 @2:30PM

Who: Everyone, the more people, the stronger the message.

Audience: The Federal Caucus of the Conservative Party of Canada

Please bring placards and flags where possible, and of course a loud and pleasant spirit as we work to bring attention to the cause.

As you likely know by now, all 99 members of the Conservative Party of Canada Official Opposition Caucus are meeting at the Conference Centre, including their leader Stephen Harper.

The Conservatives have recently launched a multi-million dollar national advertising campaign against same-sex marriage and we have to let them know their position is wrong.

In addition, there are several Conservative MPs considering voting in favour of equal marriage rights, and they will need all the support they can get to defy their party.

Let's encourage Members of Parliament from all parties to protect minority rights and legalize same-sex marriage.

Let's make sure our voices are heard all the way back to Ottawa!

For more information on same-sex marriage go to the Canadians for Equal Marriage website.

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