Have you emailed your MP - Save same-sex Marriage!

Same-sex bill likely to pass says the London Free Press

The paper's Parliamentary Bureau reporter, Kathleen Harris has gathered the numbers and suggests the results indicate MP's will vote with a slim majority in favour same-sex marriage.

Queer Thoughts has told you that the Conservative Christian lobby is treating this issue extremely seriously. James Dobson, has been brought into the fight to use his star power to motivate evangelical Canadians to contact MPs and donate to the cause.

The anti same-sex marriage coalition has been very effective todate, helping launch what has been the largest email campaign in Canadian history. BQ MP Richard Marceau told the Free Press, about 95 per cent of the correspondence he's received from Canadians opposed to gay marriage has come from outside his home province.
"Quebec has a secularization of society and a more live-and-let-live attitude," said Marceau. "Quebecers are less inclined to have their lifestyles "dictated" by church policy."

Link to the London Free Press story: The legislation will squeak through, a poll of MPs shows.

Click here: Take Action if you have not already emailed your MP. We are so close, let it not slip away.

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