Report: U.S. STD Death Rates Triple Other Wealthy Nations

The WBAL NBC headline says : Americans are getting hit at three times the rate of other wealthy nations by bad health consequences of sexual activity, a report says.

No kidding. The United States is the only country in the western world to favour abstinence based programs over programs that talk about safer sex. It is increasingly more difficult for publicly funded agencies to discuss safer sex and sexuality. American schools in many cases can not explain what a condom is let alone show kids how to use them properly.

All of this of course is being brought to you by the likes of James Dobson, America's leading "ostrich" and President Bush.

The cry from the church pews will be to continue to deny that programs run else where are protecting youth, watch for a return to the 1950's sex ed classes!

See the report: Sexual behaviour: related adverse health burden in the United States

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