Evangelical vs Catholic - Tolerance toward Gays in Canada

It Shall come to pass...

Born-again Christian news service, LifeSite blames the Catholic Church for the rising tolerance of homosexuality in Canada. In an article published April 27, 2004, Managing Director of LifeSite, Steve Jalsevac notes that Msgr. Vincent Foy, a Catholic theologian, predicted in 1968 that the permissive attitude of the Canadian hierarchy towards Catholic sexual teachings would undermine the very idea of morality in sexual matters among Catholics.

Jalsevac is referring a Canadian Bishops statement in 1968 that said,

"whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience."
Reginald Bibby, a member of the sociology faculty at the University of Lethbridge , studies religious trends, has written a report according to LifeSite that concludes;
"acceptance of homosexuality in Canada runs parallel to the general abandonment of religious practice. The decline in the number of faithful Catholics has especially contributed to the growing acceptance of homosexuality."

Reginald Bibby, UoL Photo

This is a sad exercise of saying, "I am a better Christian than you," argument being presented by the evangelical media. The Catholic church has long been assaulted by a vocal group within the evangelical movement with smug statements like , "they're not real Christians like we are."

Recent polls have indicated stronger Canadian support for Same-sex marriage and Maclean's magazine's Year End Poll of Canadians provides further insight into the Evangelical (Born-Again) views on politics. 49% of those identified as evangelical said the "it was never right to let your personal religion interfere with decisions made by politicians.

Perhaps the Evangelical Leadership should be listening to their own membership here in Canada rather than those in the United States.

You can find referenced articles here;

Editors Note: I have been unable to find Bibby's report online.

Msgr. Vincent Foy's 1988 detailed article "Tragedy at Winnipeg" PDF and his "Fifty Reasons Why the Winnipeg Statement Should be Recalled" PDF


Anonymous said...

Being an ex-Catholic that just couldn't handle the hate anymore, I ask one question to these Born Again people, when did Jesus tell us to hate those who are different?

The last I remember, Jesus told us to love all others as we would love ourselves... Whether that be the prositute Mary Magdaline or the Tax Collectors who are just doing their job... Who are we to judge them? It is within the higher power to have final judgement, and until then SHUT UP!!! You cannot tell anyone how God has decided they should live, just how you interpret it. Welcome to freedom...

If we were to pry into the lives of these people who say it is against God to be loving of another person of the same sex, i'd bet we could find an evil act or two they have commited... We all do, we are all human, and none perfect. So why pry into how two people choose to love each other? Just let the love flow.


Anonymous said...

It's really hard for me to believe that these flock managing Holier than tho's have nothing better to do than to attempt to tell people with whom they may have or not have sex. Aren't there some starving homeless people to be cared for?

Rick Barnes said...

Aloha Group , this just goes to show the animosity amongst the different denominations an sectors of Religion, be it Muslim,hebrew, christian or what have you. God's word ,is lost in interpretation by man, an its many sects. Bible toting religious rats would have you believe God condoned violence toward Gays/Bi's/Tran's, but they violate the basic rule of "Don't judge others,les ye be judged yourselves".

Only he would judge us, Reverends an Priests are suppose to counsel us ,when asked, after all we all our "images" of God,himself. The only time different sectors come together ,is to condemn us,but to condemn us is to condemn God,because he created us, an he knew what he was doing in making the world an multi race an sexual human race.

God didn't want a single sex,single race,or single animal, he wanted to world to be Glorious,but yet also wanted it to be imperfect, so when I think about it, man's interpretation of God's word is the source of all Evil.


ed note: Received via email