Canadians lectured on values by SpongeBob slayer

America's Mercenary for God, James Dobson roared over Canadian airwaves, taking time out from fighting the evil SpongeBob squarepants.

Yes the American Evangelist that said cartoon characters are subverting American Family Values says passing same-sex marriage is a mistake and will destroy the institution of marriage and the family.

Kelowna area MP's reflect their Age! 60% of
Canadians under 60 support same sex marriage.

Conservative MP's - all opposed to same-sex marriage

And just how will the marriage of two men or two women be hurtful to society. Are all those Christian men or women now going to say, hey guess what the field has opened up. I have more options now.

Same-sex marriage have been going on in Canada for almost two years. Not one person has been forced to perform a single one of these weddings. Not one of these weddings has occurred in a Church that did not want them.

Same-sex Canadian couples have been raising children for decades, 99.9% of gay kids came from straight parents, kids raised by gay parents overwhelmingly are straight, just like in straight families. They are ordinary people living the same boring life every other Canadian family lives.

It is hard to take someone like James Dobson seriously, The spongeBob thing was over the top but we have to take him seriously for now as he and his group are spending more to stop same-sex marriage than any other group in Canada for or against. Dobson has brought his American dollars and his syndicated talk show to Canadians saying in order to preserve an orderly and family friendly country we need to be like them, the Americans. Here are a few things Dobson's American values have produced;
Look at some of the differences, they shoot lots of people everyday. In most cities you don't go out at night and some places not during the day. It can happen here but the chance it will happen to you is about as good as George Bush saying no to a hanging while he was Governor of Texas.
The US has more people per-capita without health care than any of the world's western democracies. You actually need a credit check in some places to see the Doctor. It gets worse, Dobson thinks its wrong for a government to pay for someone's health care, thinks condoms don't help prevent HIV/AIDS.

A few other wonderful things in America Canadian families are missing out on, Iraq, the highest crime rate this side of Moscow and Baghdad, the highest execution rate outside of China, more people in jail per-capita than almost any country in the world, the western world's worst drug problem, the highest prescription drug costs in the world and the highest teenage pregnancy rate of the western democracies. It sure sounds like America is the highest at everything!

Here are some more values Dobson wants to share, the highest poverty rate of any of any G7 country, some of the lowest education rankings in the world. That's likely due to the fact that in lots of places they actually teach kids that evolution is a theory with no more grounding in science than Adam and Eve, or maybe its because the school can't convince the voters to pay for new text books.
Now ask yourself, "if I could pick between a Canadian passport and an American passport to go anywhere in the world which would you pick." That was too easy.
Need the number one reason to reject the importation of the American Family Values of James Dobson....
George W. Bush


Anonymous said...

Stay out of America then. We'll be happy to ignore you. By the way, I have an American passport and can also go anywhere in the world you can go.
Grow up.

Rick Barnes said...

Dear mysterious one,

Take your american passport and go sunshine, just remember to take the canadian flag sticker off your luggage!