Gay Dallas teen may be kicked out again

Gay Dallas teen may be kicked out again

A gay teen kicked out of a private Christian school earlier this year say the media pressure is too great for his parents. James Barnett, 18, told student reporter, Matthew Cardinale in a telephone interview that he has been asked to appear on several American television programs to tell his story.

Barnett and his family have seen their life disrupted consideribly since he was tossed from Trinity Christian Academy High School for being gay. James currently runs a website for gay youth. He says My-Boi is a site for glbt youth to communicate especially if they live in a conservative environment or attend a conservative school.

My-Boi website has a statement from its owner, James Barnett in which he says "On a personal note from myself, the owner; I do not believe what TCA did was right. It was not Biblical; however, it was in their power. Trinity has the right to expel me for looking at them the wrong way. The issue was strictly political as the Dallas Morning News said, they did what they believed was best for the community."

The statement goes onto itemise several occurances where Trinity Christian Academy has looked the other way when offered significant sums of money to do so. The difference with his case he says is that news was getting out into the Trinty community, in the others, it was contained enough to satify the school their reputation would not be harmed.

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