Redneck Liberal Alberta MP attacks Martin on same-sex marriage

MP Kilgour Denounces Prime Minister's Coercion on
Gay 'Marriage' Vote

LifeSiteNews , a christian backed news service is reporting that one more Alberta MP, is mad as hell at Prime Minister Paul Martin over the same-sex marriage legislation expected at the end of this month.

"I think it's deeply unfair to bludgeon your ministers ... into voting with the prime minister on the issue," Kilgour said in a fit of Alberta Dekleiniphobia.*

*Named after Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, Alberta Dekleiniphobia is linked to an abnormal thought pattern and fear of good looking men kissing, believed to have started in the Alberta Legislature after eating some mad cow

Kilgour is getting all huffy now, yet he knew when he ran for re-election the Liberals, his party, was going to put forward the same-sex marriage bill. I have no doubt Kilgour received a fair number of votes from people that expected they were voting for a Liberal and not someone whose views are better expressed by the Bush kissing, homophobic Conservative party run by Stephen Harper.

Lifesite says pro-family groups in Canada have launched massive grass-roots lobbying campaigns aimed at getting the message across to politicians that a decision to vote against the traditional definition of marriage will spell defeat at the polls come election time. Beyond that however, the groups are stressing that MPs who chicken out of the vote by absenting themselves or abstaining will also be held accountable. Kilgour seems to have gotten the message loud and clear.

"Yes, of course I'll be at the vote. Believe me, I've learned my lesson from that. I'll be voting against any proposed law that would change the notion of marriage to include same-sex partnerships," Kilgour said.

In Kilgour's time of need, he is obviously off his rocker, why doesn't someone organise a kiss-in at his Edmonton office. If that can't be done, then the next best thing is to email the guy a love letter. I am sure you all have a good idea as to what to say. Need a hand, visit the Canadians for Equal Marriage website and send an email to your MP or to all of them!

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Mark said...

After the Kiss-In in Canada, how about coming down to have one at the White House!

Rick Barnes said...

A Kiss-in at the White house. UMMMMM. You might recall we burnrd the White House down once. Would not want to do that again, too much nice stuff in there.

Still what really bugs those good ole boys is seeing guys kiss.

Gazetteer said...

I ain't kissin' no Kilgour - or his Trout!

Rick Barnes said...