Safe School Act not needed says Teachers

The BC Teachers`s Federation has responded to the Safe Schools Act proposed by Vancouver Burrard MLA, Lorne Mayencourt. See earlier report here at Queer Thoughts.

The teachers statement today reported by News1130 said a new law was not needed to address the problem. Union President Jinny Sims says,
`` We need to replace the resources that have been cut that support children.``
Jinny Sims says, instead of a law, schools need resources. Sims points to the fact that the Campbell Government has constantly cut counselling and student support.

More reaction to the proposed legislation is available at PEJNews.


Anonymous said...

Comment from Sound off

Lorne Mayencourt has made it a habit of publicity seeking, what with the last safe schools commission, many recommendations made,none binding, no mention of homophobia in the final report,ineffective and largely ignored by all.Sleeping rough on the streets of Vancouver while getting into shouting matches with homeless activitists does not endear you to your consituents.

Now he wants to go on another expensive, out of town trip to avoid doing any work in his own riding. Enough is enough! This man has embarassed our riding of Vancouver -Burrard for 4 years now and it's time to give him his pink slip - see ya at the EI office, Lorne


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to sound off. I found this one and it pretty much sums up my views on Lorne.

Westender fed up with Gordo's boy in Vancouver

"LOL, good old Mayencourt , man of the people and cares about our kids. Or should you say he's getting ready for an election. This new motion will give him much needed media attention and will try and soften his image. This is the guy who declared war on the poor by making squeegee kids illegal in his so called safe streets act.

This was to firm his support amount hardliners in his own party and nothing more(the current criminal code has laws to deal with harassment, and good luck collecting fines form the poor and homeless) He is the Gordo poster boy, a mean spirited man who supported cuts and denial of welfare to poor and disabled folk that creates homelessness and then goes after squeegee kids."