Will ToonTown be fleeing to Canada soon?

Reality has gone over the edge these days. One day a cartoon character is making kids laugh, sing and learn, the next day he is on the outs. Look at SpongeBob Square pants.

Two weeks ago he was this charming, lovable guy living in a pineapple below the sea. Today he has been run off the "safe to watch list" by conservative elements of the Christian segment of society.

SpongeBob has really done nothing to deserve such treatment, he along with 100 other cartoons and celebrities took part in singing a song about tolerance, We are Family.

MacKay - Canadian Editorial Cartoons

The song was put on a DVD by We are Family Foundation and is being shipped to schools across the United States along with suggested lesson plans for teachers. The lesson plans provide information on diversity, too much and inappropriate information say the conservative Christian groups.

SpongeBob, We Are Family logo and James Dobson

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