Gay US Service Members Sue over Don't ask, Don't tell

Photo by Judy G. Rolfe for SLDN

The US needs more troops in Iraq. No big surprise there, the problem is bigger than they ever thought it could be. Things are not going as well since Bush and his team of New Crusaders decided to attack the land of Holy Oil and Saddamites. (Maybe Bush thought it was Sodomites he was attacking? That would explain a lot of things).

So the twelve queer folks you see in the photo above want to serve in Bush's New Crusade. It just goes to prove what so many of us have been saying all along, Gay people are just like everyone else and have the right to be stupid. I may have been a little harsh with that last statement, but I just can't see going into a war that has been built on lies from the get go. Come to think of it, going into any war is questionable as I see it.

Still this is a great opportunity for gay and lesbian rights in the United States. Odd hey, you know what they say about strange bedfellows. Seems Bush will need more gay guys if he has any hope of achieving his goals in Iraq. We already know that during times of war, being gay becomes a little more acceptable to the US armed forces. Why kick someone out who wants to be there when you would have to replace him or her with someone that does not want to be.

"Don't ask, Don't tell" is still in effect, they are still kicking gays and lesbians out, but likely at lower numbers than is usual. Today they need 3o,ooo more dudes and dudettes in Iraq. They have kicked out 9,000 Americans according to Servicemembers Legal defense Network since "Don't ask, Don't tell" was initiated in 1993.

A victory in the courts allowing gays and lesbians to serve in honour and dignity, without fear of being discharged would establish a beach head in the "war" for equal rights. Sure some folks are going to madder than a Hatter, this will just give them something talk about that will raise their blood pressure enough to know they are still alive.

Once the beach head is secured, its on with the rest of the battle from a stronger base. Younger voters are on the way to shore up the beach behind us, being more accepting of gays, lesbians, trans and bisexuals than us older folks.

Kinda funny eh, the leaders of the New Crusade will be the guys advancing gay rights, the Three Lies Men, Bumsfield, Dick, and Dubbia.

Copies of today's lawsuit, biographical information on each of the plaintiffs and related information on "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," are available online at www.sldn.org .

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