Same-sect marriage

Who would have thunk it eh?

You see Harper got off on the wrong foot, he thought they said Same-Sect marriage and his is pretty rough, he just doesn't want others to go through what he had endured.

Harper and Mackay

Did you catch Monday report last night on the Mother Corporation(CBC for you Americans).

Monday Report is asking viewers to vote on which leader you would marry. You can choose between Harper, the stiff but lovable accounting geek or Martin, a down to earth shipping magnate.

Stephen Harper has launched an ad campaign against gay marriage which asks,
"Where Do You Draw The Line? We’d Like To Know Where You Stand."
In light of this campaign, we’ve created our own survey. We want you to pick your soulmate. Vote if you’re straight. vote if you’re gay. Just don’t vote if you’re married. We don’t want our survey to lead to polygamy.

Vote online at:
Monday Report

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