Harper being Dishonest on Gay Marriage

Conservative leader plays to bigotry with Ads.

Yes the man that wants to be the next Prime Minister says civil union's are okay for gays and lesbians, marriage is not. Marriage is reserved only for the union of a man and a woman. Harper's insistence that Parliament consider civil unions for gays and lesbians is a smoke screen for his real motivations.

First the majority of his party and supporters are opposed to most legislation protecting people due to their sexual orientation. Second, he knows that civil unions are the domain of the provinces and thus not something available to the federal government. The Supreme Court said that in it's recent opinion on the subject.

The ad below is being run by the Conservatives in papers with a focus on the ethnic media across Canada and is meant to trade on bigotry against the LGBTQ communities.

Conservative Anti Same-sex Marriage Ad

Why not tell Harper what you think, he is asking but not really expecting you to call! The Conservative Party of Canada has a toll free number. Share it and call, call often!

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