6 January, 2005 Rick's Queer Thoughts

Rick's Queer Thoughts 6 January, 2005


"accurate information (about gays) is virtually banned in our schools," says USA PFLAG
"Misinformation (about homosexuals) goes unchallenged because accurate information is virtually banned in our schools, whether intentionally or unitentionally, and abusive behavior goes largely unchecked." - PFLAG

Gaydar comes up Kelowna
Kelowna is being promoted as a gayfriendly holiday destination, says the daily Courier. "The time is right. This is our debut," said Don Pretzer, the president of the new Okanagan Gay and Lesbian Business Association,

Prime Minister expects his cabinet to vote in favour of same-sex marriage legislation
Same-sex marriage in Canada will hurt absolutely no one. Further, same-sex marriage will end discrimination against a group of people the Charter of Rights and Freedoms has said are protected by the charter.

COME CELEBRATE Gay CHINESE NEW YEAR, "The Year of the Cock"YOUR HOST is The one and only "Les Chan" Victoria BC's Gay Asian Ambassodor

Gay Dallas teen may be kicked out again
"On a personal note from myself, the owner; I do not believe what TCA did was right. It was not Biblical; however, it was in their power. Trinity has the right to expel me for looking at them the wrong way. The issue was strictly political as the Dallas Morning News said, they did what they believed was best for the community."

QueerNanaimo Dance
Hosting the evening will be your very own Winter Wonderlust Queen, HRH Conni Smudge. Ignited Passion will be on hand to entertain and help our Queen with the Bead Tossing. Canadian Red Cross Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund

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