NEWS Neocons don't like "PEJ NEWS"

Rick Barnes

Are you looking for news that is not just from the big pro Bush media? Check out PEJ News.

They are highly recommended by me the guy behind Queer Thoughts and smarter people than me!

What is PEJ News

PEJ News is free service providing daily news, opinion and analysis of peace, environment (earth) and justice issues. Stay informed with web and email postings often days, weeks and months ahead of the mainstream media, and often never covered in the mass market. To obtain an email subscription, fill in our web form.

The Peace, Earth & Justice News is produced entirely by volunteers, and is a project of the non-profit Prometheus Institute based in Victoria, Canada. Volunteer Editors at PEJ News write original stories and carefully follow many sources of information, selecting the best for re-publication.

Check them out. Peace, Earth and Justice News

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