Media on SpongeBob

Wow, lots out there about a guy that just wants live in pineapple under the sea!

Here are a few: In the The saga of SpongeBob Squarepants Conservative wing nut David Huntwork, says its a Leftist psycho debacle of indoctrination and suggests you hold your nose, jump into the deep end of the culture wars and visit We are family foundation's teaching guide.

Reporter at Salon Newsreal says "I'm sorry, Tinky Winky" apparently he feels a need to come clean. MSNBC suggests we "Fear not, these CRACKPOTS can be saved". I am not sure it's a good idea!

365Gay.com weighs in with this surprisingly light news.

Sweet, bucktoothed SpongeBob is a homosexual icon? Who knew? Last time I was in the Vatican I saw figures, male nude figures, cleverly passed off as representations of angels and other heavenly creations when we all know exactly what they are."

And this is good to have a peek at: Beek's Books - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual Superheroes"

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