Lesbians and bisexual women - Needed for online Survey

Child Free Lesbians and Bisexual women needed for study

Note from Queer Thoughts! : The link below is now working!

Rick Barnes

To all women out there. Check this out. For those women who choose to follow the link, the survey would be a completely anonymous.

Childfree? If you are a woman who has chosen not to have children, are 30 or older and in a relationship for at least three years, please be a part of a study that will discover more about the childfree choice.

Please go to https://www.indiana.edu/~inter/childfree , to find out more and be a part of this science based research. This study will look at what it means to be childfree, including childfree women’s life and relationship satisfaction.

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Anonymous said...

The link is broken:( or the survey has finished?