Blogging Same-sex marriage to the chapel

Bloggers in Canada on same-sex marriage
are having a heck of a time.
So much is happening, people are
being really nasty,
its's well so un-canadian.

Some Sinister Thoughts:
"My problem, as always, is with the Martin government. With their usual dithering and stalling, they have created the conditions for the opposition to grow and organize. There is no sense that the Martinites really, really want to extend marriage to same sex couples."

The Upper Canadian (That's ole english for Ontario) :

"I'm going to make a prediction: same sex marriage will be the wheel upon which Mr Harper will finally be broken. He's a goner. Either his own party will unsheath the knife, or the Liberals are going to work him over first before feeding him to the party faithful."

The Gracchi:

Ontario MP Paul Steckle even had the audacity to claim that the bill would be defeated if Cabinet members were not required to vote with the party. A gay rights website which has been following the vote claims that there are currently 153 in favour of the bill, 134 against and 20 undecided.

My Blagh:

"Outbursts on abortion, same-sex rights and bilingualism played into Liberal hands during the June election campaign, Harper acknowledged Wednesday in an interview. Those mistakes won't happen again, he vowed.

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