Beans, Blogs and Cats

Sometimes I am way too serious, today as you can see I have had an off day. I have been watching this site try to cover too much stuff. So I have started moving all my BC politics stuff over to a new blog called "From the Heartlands."

Cats ready for Prime Time TV

That's one good thing today, the other was a visit to Queer Thoughts from Patrick in Vernon. He has a ton of blogs but one that really fits today's silliness mode! Check out Patrick Meows Out Loud! ! Lots of cat stuff there and had me laughing.

Oh yeah, he's just joking.

Tell him I sent you! Maybe you can tell him where the man is in the coffee beans!


Mark said...

I'll make sure my cat, Miss Kitty, does not see this picture. She is too lazy already :)

I'm Patrick!! said...

Hey! Thanx for your kind words!