Focus on the family goes off half Cocked!

You all know this little guy SpongeBob. Seems James Dobson of the influential anti-gay Christian group, Focus on the Family does too.

Dobson told a bunch of people Tuesday evening (Jan.19,2005) that a new video was being distributed to schools across America. The Video supposedly has Spongebob mixed up with someone else.

The video in question is about 9/11 and was created by the same guy that wrote the gay anthem "We are Family". Nile Rodgers, says Dr Dobson's objection is unfounded. The Video does not discuss sexual identity at all.

Rodgers said in an article published the Sydney Morning Herald that he founded the We Are Family Foundation after the September 11 attacks to create a music video featuring 100 well-known cartoon characters dancing to his song to teach children about multiculturalism.

SpongeBob is pro gay?

The confusion maybe with another group called "We are Family", a South Carolina group aimed at supporting gay youth.

Still wouldn't you think James Dobson and his crew would do their homework. Go stand in the corner James. Of course none of this means SpongeBob isn't pro-gay Mr. Dobson!


Gazetteer said...


If I didn't know that these people hadn't already focus grouped this up the whazoo looking for the newscyle spin angle with the best leverage I might think this is funny.

'Cause they're joking, right?

Rick Barnes said...

It's true, If this keeps up we will soon have to open a suppport group in 'Toon town!

Or find the beam that is shining on these guys and switch it off!