Saskatchewan Gay Marriage Battle

As Canada is about to make same-sex marriage the law across the land, a marriage commissioner in Saskatchewan has made it clear he is opposed to the move. Further, he claims he should not be forced to perform same-sex marriages.

Bruce Goertzen stated to the Star Phoenix, "If Saskatchewan's Justice Minister Mr. Frank Quennell is not prepared to voluntarily demonstrate this level of tolerance, then the province's Human Rights Commission needs to compel him to do so in order to protect me and other marriage commissioners from discrimination on the basis of our religion."

Saskatchewan flag by:Greg Gomes

"My beliefs have not been hidden from anyone. As a person who performs a duty for the residents of Saskatchewan, I request that my religious beliefs be upheld, in the same manner as others would expect their views upheld."

Marriage commissioners in Saskatchewan are appointed by the provincial government. In the fall of 2004 the Justice Minister made it clear that commissioners would either have perform gay marriages or resign.

Justice Minister Quennell stated, "it undercuts the purpose of civil marriage to allow marriage commissioners to import either their religious beliefs or their own personal prejudices cloaked as religious beliefs and impose those on people who have a right to a civil marriage and for whom civil marriage was in a sense created because they don't want a religious marriage."

"Allowing marriage commissioners to discriminate would be contrary to the laws that now exist in Saskatchewan."

Support Saskatchewan's Justice Minister Frank Quennell in standing up for the rights of all people in Saskatchewan, including us. Send him an email or telephone!

you can reach him at

Justice Minister Frank Quennell
Legislative Office:
Room 355
Legislative Building
Regina, SK S4S 0B3
Phone: (306) 787-8824 Fax: 787-1232

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