Virginia its true, The hate us

They are off their rocker,

No it must be a joke, you have to be kidding, VIRGINIA wants to put the words Traditional Marriage on it's licence plates. It's bad enough they have passed laws banning the state from recognizing gay marriages, civil unions, and domestic partnerships and block any "contract or other arrangement" same-sex couples may enter into.

The plates would have interlocking gold wedding bands superimposed over a red heart over the legend "Traditional Marriage." The guy behind the Bill, Scott Limgamfelter.

I am not kidding, I did not make this up, go to 365gay.com.

Summary of the Bill as introduced: Special license plates; supporters of traditional marriage. Authorizes the issuance of special license plates to supporters of traditional marriage. The design of the plates is to include the legend: TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE and two interlocked golden wedding bands over a red heart.

Why not send Mr. limgamfelter a polite but assertive message! His email is Del_Lingamfelter@house.state.va.us or you can write him at

Scott Limgamfelter
General Assembly Building,
Room 417 Capitol Square
Richmond, Virginia 23219

feeling rich, phone Scotty! (804) 698-1031

"They really do Virginia, they hate us."


Anonymous said...

Hi Rick:

I dropped a line to the guy behind this plot.
First, I asked him if he always wore a cap or hat when he was in the
hot sunlight.. Then, I asked him if "Baby on board " bumper signs
would be forced to add -born to mother and fathern who were wed in
a traditional wedding service"

Gee, I hope I didn't give him another idiotic idea..doh!!


Anonymous said...

Don't speak too soon, they'd probably love to do exactly that... quite a lot of these folks think that no-fault divorce was a terrible thing that is against families and makes Baby Jesus cry. I'm sure if they manage to turn the clock back on gay rights, women's rights and other social freedom issues are next..

I don't think these people will ever be really satisfied until they get Jerry Falwell or someone crowned Ayatollah and Iran starts looking crazy and liberal by comparison...


Gazetteer said...

Stephen's got a point there.

Wonder which will be first state to put "We (Heart) Segregation!" on their plates?