Christian "Crisis Line" Worse than unethical, it could kill gay youth

Christian "Crisis Line" Worse than unethical, it could kill gay youth

Young gay and questioning youth calling a national crisis line in the United States are being referred to an evenagelical Christian group that tells them Homosexuality is a Sin!

Read how they are abusing gay youth. It is sickening.

Crisis line refers gay youth to Exodus Phone book listings make it sound like a legitimate crisis line, but callers are told that homosexuality is a sin

By ELLA TYLER Friday, January 28, 2005

When teenager Jeffrey Faircloth wanted a safe place to talk about his growing awareness that he might be gay, he called the National Youth Crisis Hotline – popularized as 1-800-HIT-HOME.

What he heard didn’t surprise him. “I’d grown up in a very fundamentalist Christian family, so I wasn’t surprised that the woman I talked to said she didn’t know any gay people, but she knew they were sinners. She said she would give me the number of a group called Exodus that would help me change. I already knew the religious view, so I wasn’t interested.”

Luckily, a friend told him about HATCH, an organization in Houston that provides positive reinforcement for gay and lesbian youth.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rick, I just want to thank you for your love, insight and untireing effort as you battle for the rights of all people. I apologize as am American for the likes of Dobson. And in case any fundamental Christian reads this I am one.

In 1971 I received Jesus as my own personal Savior. I tried to deny my gay sexual orientation that I was born with and did everything to change me -pray, fast, go to the altar and be prayed over for my sin, made public confessions of my sin and did nothing gay.

But today, praise the Lord, I have finally accepted myself as God always has, That Jesus loves me as a gay man. What is strange is that I never felt condemned by God for all those years but only felt condemned through the words of man.

I have pastored, teach, preach, have led 1000's to Christ and am invited into many neighborhoods(ie gangs etc) that most christians fear to tread because "It is not my ministry" as they say. So to all of my gay family on behalf of all christdom I also apologize to you because the words of Dobson and his ilk do not reflect the heart or words of Jesus. God bless you all my friends,

Anonymous said...

homosexuality IS a sin you idiots!

Rick Barnes said...

Now that last comment was bright and insightful. Always good when they hide behind the Anonymous option.